Mount Kenya Climbing Tours

Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro. Climb the mountain with one of the best and experienced mountaineers in Kenya.

Mount Kenya Expeditions

We have three major Mt. Kenya climbing (Trekking/Hiking/Scaling) Packages operating through the three routes around the mountain.

Mt. Kenya Climbing Route Descriptions

Our Mt. Kenya climbing expedition safaris take place in three major routes of mountain Kenya.

Chogoria Route

We enter from Chogoria town (meru county). It is on the eastern side of the mountain. The Chogoria route has one main banda [Meru Mt.kenya Bandas 2900 meters]. It is rich in world flowers, all vegetation well represented with tropical rain forest. It receives more rains than the rest routes. It is rich in birds life, animal life but rarely seen. It is the most scenic route especially the gorges valley and the lakes around Mintos camp. Hiking is slightly steep but worth taking as the view changes every short distance. Only one manned hut along this route.


Naru Moru Route

This is on the west of the mountain and is entered from Naru-moru township of Nyeri county. During Mt. Kenya climbing expeditions these route is Rich in wild flowers and all vegetation well represented. It has rich bird`s life and animals seen along the way, has clear views of mountain peaks and it is steeper than the rest though shorter to the peaks than others. It has vertical bogs and has two manned camps.

Sirimon Route

This is accessed from Nanyuki town in laikipia county. It is on the north of the mountain and as such receiving lesser rain hence making weather predictable.
It has well distributed vegetation, less steep and wild flowers and bird`s life available.It has two developed huts/camps.
Route is relatively dry most of the year and commonly used by trekkers.

Other Routes

Burguret, Timau, Kihari & Kamweti.


How high is Mt. Kenya in meters?

Mount Kenya is Kenya’s highest mountain and Africa’s second highest after Kilimanjaro. Mt Kenya is 5199 Meters high.

How long does it take to climb Mt. Kenya?

Mt Kenya can be climbed in as short as four days, or you can complete a traverse and spend five days on the peak. Depending on which path you take, 3 Days Mt Kenya Climbing Package to 5 days mt kenya climbing expeditions on the mountain can cost between 850 and 1250 Euros.

How much does it cost to climb Mt. Kenya

The cost is largely determined by the length of the climb. A guided climb to Lenana Peak would set you back between $850 and $1300 USD. This fee typically covers food and lodging in Nairobi as well as necessary technical equipment on Mount Kenya. 3 Days Mt Kenya Climbing Package are mostly determined by the guide, so make sure to double-check both before booking your trip.

Can one see Mt. Kilimanjaro from Mt. Kenya?

Mount Kilimanjaro is visible from Kenya's Amboseli National Park. Observation Hill is one of the greatest spots to see Kilimanjaro and the larger Amboseli ecosystem on a clear day.

Can Mt Kenya erupt?

It is an extinct volcano that rose to a height of 6,500 meters during its active phase (3.1-2.6 million years ago). It is unlikely the mountain can erupt.

Can you climb Mt. Kenya without a guide?

Mount Kenya is a high-altitude, exceedingly steep mountain. If you are in a company of two or more people, you can climb Mount Kenya, but it comes with major implications such as altitude sickness, which necessitates adequate acclimatization.