Kenyan Tea Farms

Real outreach mission tours organizes county to county tours which is ideally to help people learn and teach others through co-existence.
Farmers or business people from one place have visits and forums organized by real outreach mission tours.

Explore Kenyan Culture

Here farmers visit sagana fisheries and learn from experts.

Coffee farms are areas of visits within muranga/kiambu and part of nyeri where mixed farming is done commercially

Bicycles and motor bike tours are organized.This has attracted people from outside Kenya too.

How you benefit

There are a dozen of advantages of travelling to Kenyan counties with us

Enjoy local delicacies

Kenyan cuisines e.g. ugali, sukuma wiki, githeri, chapati & wali among others

Meet new friends

Kenyans are social. Travel to counties with us and meet new friends

Experience local climate

Kenyan coast is warm, cool breezes in our kenyan highlands as you trek

Hiking expeditions

Scale our mountains to the highest peaks and explore with our tours.

Take beautiful photos

You will a chance capture your happy moments with family or friends.

Shop Kenyan ornaments

Explore our locally made ornaments by maasai and samburu communities.

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