Nairobi skyline

Kenya,officially the republic of Kenya ,is a country in east Africa.lying along the Indian oceanto its southeast and at the boarders Somalia to the northeast,Ethiopia to the north,south sudan to the north west,Uganda to the wet and Tanzania to the south,lake Victoria to the south west and the lake shared by Uganda and Tanzania.

The capital city is Nairobi.kenya has numerous wildlife reserves containing thousands of animal has a land area of 580367 square kilometers and has a population of about 45million people representing 43 tribes,so it is rich in culture.the second highest mountain in Africa,mt.kenya[about 5100 meters] is found in Kenya.

Kenya has 47 counties each with its own semi-autonomous government under the central government whose headquarters are in Nairobi.The country`s geography is a diverse as its has along coastline along the Indian ocean and as you advance the inland,the landscape changes to savannah grasslands,arid and semi-arid bushes.The central regions and the western parts have forest and mountains while the northern regions are near desert landscapes.


At 580367 square kilometers [224081 square miles]is the worlds 47Th  largest country[after Madagascar] it lies between latitudes 5 degrees north and 5 degrees south and longitudes of 34 degrees west and 42 degrees east.From the coast on the Indian ocean,the low plains rise to central highlands.The highlands are bisected by the great rift valley; a fertile plateau lies in the east.The Kenyan highlands comprise one of the most successful production regions in Africa.The highlands are the site of the second highest mountain in Africa[mt.kenya] at 5199 meters[17057 feet] and the glaciers of mt.kilimanjaro can be seen from kenya


Kenya`s climate varies from tropical along the coast to temperate inland to arid in the north and northeastern part of the country.The country receives a great deal of sunshine all the year round and summer clothes are worn throughout the year.It is usually cool at night and early in the morning inland at higher elevations.The “long rains”season occurs from march /april to may/june.The “short rains” seasons occurs from October to November/December.The temperature remains high throughout thesev months of tropical rain.The hottest period is February and march leading into the season of long rains ,and the coldest is in july and august.


Kenya has no single culture that identifies it.with such diverse regional peoples such as the Swahili along the coast,several pastoralist communities mainly in the north and different communities in the central and western regions,having a mutually acceptable cultural identification is difficult.There are 43 different ethnic groupings[tribes] in kenya-each with its own unique culture,but majority of them with intertwining cultural practices brought about by close resemblance in languages,the similar environment and physical proximity of the ethnic groups.The ethnic groups are grouped into larger sub-groups-based on their cultural and linguistic similarities.There are three major unifying categories of languages:Bantu speaking people of coast region,the central highlands and western kenya region.The nilotes who are mainly in the great rift valley and lake Victoria region and the cushites who are mainly composed of pastoralists and nomads in the drier north eastern part of the country.Sub-groups span avast area of not just kenya but the east,cental and southern africn regionas a whole.The maasai tribe wears the bright red dresses with brown belts with many beded necklaces for special rituals.The maasai cultures owe its widespread identification to the tourism industry

Historical and current politicsof division practiced first by the colonizers and then by subsequent community leaders has lead to a situation where Kenyans themselves barely know their own culture let alone that of their neighbours.The colonial administration in partnership with the missionary activities and formal education wiped out most cultural practices leaving a gap that was filled by western cultural attitudes and identification especially by the youths.

The recent attempt at coming up with a national dress testifies to the difficult nature of Kenya’s cultural identity. The top-down formula employed rendered the entire process irrelevant as it only involved the urban areas hence the better educated and wealthier segments of society.

Useful tips

Kenya  is a beautiful country with diverse people and diverse locations. Whether you are planning on going on a safari[tour] to try and see the big 5 or trekking mt.kenya,or whether you want to relax on the prestige beaches at the coast, these handy reminders will make your stay a lot more enjoyable

1. Accommodation

The rating system used in African countries is different from the rest of the world expect that a 5 star rating is closer to 4 stars by the western standards

2. A valid passport

Dates valid up to six months after date of departure] and return ticket is required to enter the country

3. A valid vaccination card

An up to date yellow fever vaccination and yellow fever  card is required if you are travelling from a yellow fever area

General information

.-electricity is 220-240v 50hz with UK3-pin square pins.some older buildings may have round pins.

Time zone is Greenwich mean time [GMT+3] all year round.

Official languages are Kiswahili and English

Ask before you take a photograph[rest there be restrictions]you cant take photograph of monuments, government buildings, uniformed forces

Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya


Malaria is a problem, especially in rainy season, check with your tour operator and remember to use prophylactics.

Do not just drink any water ,drink bottled water

Do not buy food from street vendor or eat food that has not been properly cooked or peeled


Do not change money from any other place apart from banks or at airports

The local currency is kenya shillings with denominations [notes of ] 50,100,200,500,1000

-Its recommended that visitors carry small denominations of US dollars with them instead of exchanging their currency as many locations accept is it as legal tender

Credit cards are accepted in most locations but are unreliable

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